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    About The Friends:

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    • Wish to become a member of the Friends? Fill out this form and return it to the Pierson Library.

    “Chapter Two” On-Going Book Sale

    The Friends of Pierson have their ongoing book sale up and running in the new library, across from the circulation desk. Come take a look!

    We look forward to seeing everyone at the annual Fall book sale October 25th & 26th from 9:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. 2019.


    Book Donation Guidelines

    THANK YOU!  We are very happy to accept your donations of books, DVDs, CDs, audio books and movies in good condition.

     Your donation will be added to the library’s collection or sold at the annual Friends of the Pierson Library Book Sale to help enhance our programs and services.

    Please bring salable books to the library when it’s open. Please do not leave books outside or in the book drop.


    We WILL accept:

    • All Hardcover and Paperback books in good condition.
    • CDs, DVDs, Audiobooks on CDs, Movies.

    We CANNOT accept:

    • Soiled, moldy, smoky or damp books.
    • Damaged books with broken bindings, missing pages, or smoke or water damage.
    • Books that are underlined, highlighted, or have torn pages, covers or bindings.
    • Textbooks or Magazines.
    • Encyclopedias or Dictionaries.
    • Bibles.
    • Condensed/Abridged books (Reader’s Digest, etc.)
    • Toys, games, puzzles, artwork.
    • Magazines.
    • Audio or video cassettes.
    • Workbooks or study guides that are partially or wholly filled in.
    • Outdated Business, Medical, Financial, and Computer books (over 10 years old).
    • Boxes that have been moved directly from long term storage to the Library.
    • Large quantities of books that are not in boxes or containers.

    You can recycle paperbacks in your recyclables. Hardcovers must be dropped off at CSWD. 

    Goodwill accepts clean book donations.






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