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    The Pierson Library Board of Trustees, with the able assistance of the Library Staff and Director, conducted a brief user survey during the week of April 3rd. All Library patrons who entered the Library during that week were asked to fill out a short survey asking them why they had come to the Library that day and what they value most about the Library. The survey also collected some demographic information and asked whether they brought children to visit the Library.

    During the course of the week, 560 surveys were completed. Although this survey is not scientific, the results provided the following description of the patrons who visited the Library that week. As you can see, youths are under-represented compared to the Census data, while the over-65s are a substantial proportion of our patrons and are over-represented compared to Shelburne as a whole.

    Demographic distribution

      Survey Shelburne Census Data (2010)
    Under 18 13.9% 23.7%
    18 to 64 56.4% 55.9%
    Over 65 29.8% 20.4%
    Males 33.4% 47.1%
    Females 66.6% 52.9%

    Of the 560 respondents, one-quarter (143) bring their children or grandchildren with them to the Library at times.

    The Library Trustees will use these results, and other data collected in the future, to improve our understanding of how Library patrons use the Library and how we can improve to best serve their needs.

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